Scrap Handling

Rugged endurance runner

Through surprisingly low maintenance.

Scrap handling involves heavy-duty loading – and that is a weighty reason to count on Fuchs® material handlers. With their legendary ruggedness and stability, they are ideal for deployment in routine scrap handling operations. Highly durable steel structures and an extremely solid undercarriage make for stability, while the powerful hydraulics ensure that even the heaviest loads are handled with ease and speed.

Simply better: scrap handling with Fuchs®

  • successful combination of impeccable design and maximised service intervals
  • excellent protection of sensitive components from dirt and mechanical damage
  • cab provides an ideal and safe environment for fatigue-free work

Scrap handling involves heavy-duty loading

So you better rely on Fuchs® quality.

Powerful engines
  • extremely low consumption
  • up to 99 % less diesel particles
Maximised service intervals
  • longer durability 
  • maintenance-friendly design of the machines
Fuchs® Telematics System
  • All-in-one machine management
  • Everything at a glance: operating data, machine status, GPS data
Stability and high load capacity
  • even when operated within an extended work radius
  • structural robustness
Excellent loading hydraulics
  • beautifully smooth, yet precise and swift

The best Fuchs® machines

For scrap handling.

95 kW

100 kW

19.1–22.9 t

9.2–10.4 m

0.4–0.6 m3




Versatility at its best

  • for industrial recycling applications
  • compact, manoeuvrable, powerful
  • can also process light scrap


115 kW

132 kW

22.9–25.7 t

10.7–12.0 m

0.4–0.6 m3




The all-rounder, incorporating turbo efficiency

  • diverse applications
  • legendary maneuvering speed


115 kW

132 kW

24.0–27.0 t

10.7–12.0 m

0.4–0.8 m3




Higher load capacity, Higher speeds

  • particularly solid undercarriage
  • lifting and stick cylinders with special end-position damping
  • many options to facilitate operation in the sorting hall



132 kW

28.5–32.3 t

11.0–13.7 m

0.4–0.8 m3




Top performer in recycling business

  • powerful and cost-efficient turbo diesel engine
  • high-performance cooling system
  • cab system hydraulically adjustable


160 kW

155 kW

33.0–35.5 t

14.7–16.0 m

0.6–0.8 m3




Unique productivity

  • applicationoriented kinematics
  • viewing level of up to 5.6 m
  • three work modes: Eco Plus / Eco / Power


190 kW

184 kW

43.5–48.8 t

16.5–18.0 m

0.4–1.0 m3




Brand new design, brand new features

  • more power, even less consumption
  • efficient energy recovery
  • cab sytem hydraulically adjustable (max. 6.1 m)


230 kW

184 kW

49.2–54.3 t

16.5–18.0 m

0.4–1.0 m3




Purpose-built for heavy duty applications

  • massive heavy duty undercarriage
  • 59" single solid tires
  • 230 kW engine output for more agility


273 kW

250 kW

65.0 - 70.0 t

18.5–22.0 m

0.8–1.4 m3


Making light work of heavy duty

  • mobile, flexible, powerful
  • perfect loading machine for the diverse requirements of modern port logistics
  • powerful hydraulics and absolute solid statics to handle heavy loads quickly and precise


300 kW


76.2–87.0 t

22.0–24.5 m

0.6–2.0 m3




Making light work of heavy duty

  • cab Riser “Port”: eye-level of 8.7 m
  • perfect view in barges, hoppers, etc.
  • two slew drives and unique Fuchs® service platform


Tailormade Solutions

Special concepts for your special requirements.

Fuchs® faces several applications in special niches which cannot be covered with standard models. This spurs the design engineers and engineering specialists of the Fuchs® Application Center to work on special solutions every day. Before you decide for a “Fuchs®”, our specialists and service partners will analyze your requirements and help you to select the right machine. And when it comes to integrating individual features, you can count on the knowledge and flexibility of the Fuchs® team advising you.