Timber Handling

The benchmark for effective timber handling

More power. Larger working radius. Greater volume per day.

For loading and unloading of trucks, or for transporting saws and intermediate storage, the Fuchs® loading machines, with speeds of up to 20 km/h, open up new dimensions. Large reaches up to 16 m and massive grab volumes up to 3.2 m3 guarantee ample clearance. The combination of solid construction with polder blade as standard and extremely stable undercarriage provides safety even for heavy loads.

Simply better: timber handling with Fuchs

  • comfortable handling, high maneuverability, and precise control
  • machines with trailers master all tasks in one go: loading, transporting, unloading
  • reach logs outside of the center with live heel

Timber handling at maximum speed 

More speed means more sales – the simple truth about timber handling.

Requiring little maintenance  
  • important components are easily accessible
  • access to the upper carriage platform from both sides
Easy transportation
  • The cab can be lowered for easy transportation
High travel speed
  • up to 20 km/h
  • high flexibility through trailer
Small turning radius
  • maximum agility and mobility
Powerful engines
  • extremely low consumption
  • up to 99 % less diesel particles

The best Fuchs® machines

For timber handling.

115 kW


22.0–27.0 t

11.0 m

0.4–0.6 m3




The talented all-rounder with turbo efficiency

  • small turning radius
  • high driving speed
  • powerful and economical turbo diesel engine


160 kW


32.0–36.8 t

11.3 m

0.6–0.8 m3




Maximum productivity

  • large, clear multifunctional display
  • proportional joystick control
  • powerful and economical turbo diesel engine


190 kW


45.0–51.0 t

12.1 m

0.6–1.0 m3




The benchmark when it comes to effective timber handling

  • high loading capacity combined with a long reach
  • high performance cooling system
  • unrivalled manoeuvrability


160 kW


35.5 t

16,0 m



Unique productivity

  • applicationoriented kinematics
  • viewing level of up to 5.6 m
  • three work modes: Eco Plus / Eco / Power


190 kW

160 kW

44.9–50.2 t

16.5–18.0 m

0.6–2.0 m3




Brand new design, brand new features

  • more power, even less consumption
  • efficient energy recovery
  • cab sytem hydraulically adjustable (max. 6.1 m)


Tailormade Solutions

Special concepts for your special requirements.

Fuchs faces several applications in special niches which cannot be covered with standard models. This spurs the design engineers and engineering specialists of the Fuchs® Application Center to work on special solutions every day. Before you decide for a “Fuchs”, our specialists and service partners will analyze your requirements and help you to select the right machine. And when it comes to integrating individual features, you can count on the knowledge and flexibility of the Fuchs team advising you.