Technical data

Essentials at a glance.

Engine power 115 kW
Emission standard EPA Tier 4 final / EU stage IV
Operating weight without attachments 22.8–24.2 t
Loading equipment 10.7–12.0 m

Recommended attachments

Fuchs® cactus grab
0.4 m3 / 0.6 m3 /0.8 m3
Open or half-closed
Clamshell grab 1.2 m2 Density of materials handled up to 1400 kg/m3
Lift hook 10 t


Material handling made easy – with state-of-the-art technology.

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Equipment and options

Bespoke technology, tailored for you.

Joystick Steering
  • Improved visibility
  • More legroom and comfort
Rear View Cameras
  • Nightvision for extra safety
  • Additional travel alarm optional

Overload Warning with Height and Reach Limiter
  • Easy set-up via the touch display
  • Enhanced control for heavy loads
Active Cyclone Prefilter
  • Less dust in your air filter, no loss of airflow and engine power
  • Longer uptime of your air filter
Electric Drive
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Reduced service costs
Reversing Fan
  • Reduced dust in intercooler-water and oilcooler
  • Enhanced cooling performance
7" Multi-Function Touch Display
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Full monitoring of the machine data


Application areas MHL331

The all-rounder, incorporating turbo efficiency.

With its diverse applications and near legendary maneuvering speed, the MHL 331 really does rev up the recycling business. The solid undercarriage ensures stability when loads weighing several tonnes are to be moved utilizing a reach of up to 12 meters. So that in such situations neither speed nor precision is compromised, slewing motors and slewing gears are minutely adjusted and the lifting and stick cylinders equipped with special end-position damping.


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