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Lumut maritime terminal plans switch to Fuchs® material handler

Lumut maritime terminal plans switch to Fuchs® material handler for boosting operating efficiency.

Bad Schönborn – Lumut Maritime Terminal SDN BHD will soon switch from a blend of modified excavators, wheel loaders and truck cranes to purpose-built Fuchs® material handlers for vessel loading/unloading, bulk material stockpiling and truck loading/unloading. The seven-machine order that replaces all existing handling equipment at the terminal includes three electric Fuchs® RHL880 XL-Trac and four wheeled MHL350F material handlers. All Fuchs® equipment is expected to be in operation at Lumut Port by mid-2018.
“In order for Lumut Port to be the most efficient terminal in the industry, we must use the most efficient equipment for loading/unloading operations of dry bulk, break bulk and liquid bulk goods,” says Mr. Mubarak Ali, CEO for Lumut Port. “We expect a 30 percent increase in material handling flow by switching to the purpose-built Fuchs® material handlers.” Mr. Mubarak, CEO

Tasked with vessel loading/unloading, the Fuchs® RHL880 XL-Trac handlers will be equipped with a 24-m cranked boom to help reduce material handling time. The Fuchs® Applications Center will modify the machines to include an electric drive concept with 90 m of cable and Fuchs® Powerpack for efficient travel along the 180-m length of the quay. With a 3.3-m undercarriage height, the handlers are built with a 3.7-m pylon riser to boost upper structure height to 7 m. The hydraulically height adjustable cabin gives the operator a maximum 13-m eyelevel operation, and the cabin’s independent 2.2-m forward movement delivers excellent visibility inside vessel.
Supporting port operations in the stockyard will be four 35-ton class MHL350F handlers, offering a 16-m reach to more efficiently stockpile bulk materials than the modified excavators and wheel loaders. The diesel driven units feature a mobile undercarriage with solid rubber tires and quickly move around the stockyard at speeds reaching 20 km/h. The hydraulically height adjustable cabin offers an elevated eye level of 5.6 m, allowing the operators to see over the sides of high-wall trailers for more efficient loading/unloading. An intelligent overload system allows the machines to work inside the warehouse facilities, which have limited roof heights.  

“We are excited to work with Lumut Maritime Terminal and honored that they have selected Fuchs to equip the port facilities with modern, purpose-built material handlers to boost operating efficiencies,” says Andreas Gruber, business manager for Fuchs, a Terex brand. “In addition to boosting material handling efficiency by 30 percent, we have calculated the machines will deliver Lumut Maritime up to a 70 percent fuel/energy savings compared to operating the modified excavators.”


About Lumut Maritime Terminal SDN BHD
A Royal Malaysian Customs Gazetted Port, Lumut Maritime Terminal is a river port located along the banks of the Dindings River. It is strategically located off the Straits of Malacca, on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in Perak. The terminal is an integrated common user port facility accepting break bulk, dry bulk and liquid bulk cargo and is International Ship Port Security code compliant. More information about Lumut Port and Lumut Maritime Terminal can be found at

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