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Engine power (Emission standard) 115 kW (Diesel, EU Stage V / U.S. Tier 4)
115 kW (Diesel, EU Stage IIIA / U.S. Tier 3)
Operating weight without attachments 24.1–25.7 t
Loading equipment 10.7 m

Recommended attachments

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MHL434 – Let's handle it!


The machine is characterized by compact dimensions and a small turning radius, which makes maneuvering even in narrow alleys a child's play. The hydraulic and electronic components, as well as the diesel engine, are easily accessible from ground level. Numerous protective devices have been installed for the best possible component and occupant protection. Particularly noticeable are the front right impact protection, which protects the water and charge air cooler against "cold deformation", and the newly designed front and roof guard. Where possible, many components have been installed in places where they are best protected against damage from tree trunks, for example.

An absolutely unique feature in this machine class is the original "Fuchs Timber Boom". Due to its mounting far behind the center of rotation, the MHL434 F offers excellent all-round visibility. This advantage is particularly evident when looking through the right side window. Here, no boom interferes with the field of vision. This is an invaluable advantage in daily work and especially when driving.




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