Port Handling

Nimble thrust and powerful lifting action

For rapid loading and unloading.

Ports have progressively evolved from functioning as simple handling sites to operating as processing units handling complex logistics services. Fuchs recognised this trend early on and now offers highly flexible and customised solutions across a range of mobile and stationary material handlers, delivering appropriate equipment to port logisticians.

Simply better: port handling with Fuchs

  • massive grabs
  • large working range even at full load
  • powerful, swift and precise hydraulics
  • cab riser “Port” with eye-level at 28'7" provides perfect view in barges, hoppers, etc.

Fuchs king-size powerhouses 

Deployment across diverse applications in port logistics.

Impressive working tempo  
  • up to 150 working cycles per hour
Solid mechanics
  • millimetre-exact positioning of the grip arm
  • no oscillating and no decay
Quick on site
  • velocities up to 20 km/h
  • maximum mobility
Stability and high load capacity
  • even when operated within an extended work radius
  • structural robustness
Powerful engines
  • extremely low consumption
  • up to 99 % less diesel particles

The best Fuchs® machines

For port handling.

215 hp

132 kW

78,264 lbs


0.75–1.25 yd3




Unique productivity

  • applicationoriented kinematics
  • viewing level of up to 18'4"
  • three work modes: Eco Plus / Eco / Power


255 hp

160 kW

107,585 lbs


0.78–2.62 yd3




Brand new design, brand new features

  • more power, even less consumption
  • efficient energy recovery
  • cab sytem hydraulically adjustable (max. 20')


308 hp

200 kW

114,640 lbs


0.78–2.62 yd3




Purpose-built for heavy duty applications

  • massive heavy duty undercarriage
  • 59" single solid tires
  • 230 kW engine output for more agility


366 hp

250 kW

154,322 lbs


1.05–2.62 yd3


Making light work of heavy duty

  • mobile, flexible, powerful
  • perfect loading machine for the diverse requirements of modern port logistics
  • powerful hydraulics and absolute solid statics to handle heavy loads quickly and precise


402 hp


191,800 lbs


1.05–2.62 yd3




Making light work of heavy duty

  • cab Riser “Port”: eye-level of 28'7"
  • perfect view in barges, hoppers, etc.
  • two slew drives and unique Fuchs® service platform


Tailormade Solutions

Special concepts for your special requirements.

Fuchs faces several applications in special niches which cannot be covered with standard models. This spurs the design engineers and engineering specialists of the Fuchs® Application Center to work on special solutions every day. Before you decide for a “Fuchs”, our specialists and service partners will analyze your requirements and help you to select the right machine. And when it comes to integrating individual features, you can count on the knowledge and flexibility of the Fuchs team advising you.