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Where dynamism, precision and efficiency come together, you know that Fuchs is involved.

Our successful product range is aligned with the disparate demands of user groups in individual industries. Alignment with their preferences, already incorporated in the serial models, can be further refined. Be inspired by the diversity of the available features.

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Read how Fuchs® material handlers excel at the job.

Job Reports: Waste handling

AHL320 D
High speed duo – quick changeover on site.

The Fuchs® AHL320 D is specifi cally designed for handling scrap. In combination with a lorry the machine offers highest fl exibility at its place of deployment.


No emissions. High efficiency. And loads of energy.

Electric transport is the way of the future – and that also applies to material handlers in recycling and scrap handling.


Job Reports: Port handling

RHL880 XL-trac
Unloading ships in XL scale: bigger, stronger, better.

The RHL880 XL-trac is a giant among material handlers. It manages extremely high loads with ease thanks to its huge support base.


MHL360 D
remains cool even at maximum performance.

The MHL360 D from Fuchs is an extremely reliable and efficient material handling machine, equipped with advanced cooling technology.


MHL360 E
Nimble work at the dockside: 250 m3 peat per hour.

The Fuchs® MHL360 E is outstandingly quick and reliable in its operation – features which are always in demand when ships are being unloaded in Papenburg.


MHL385 D
Newly designed port cab for safe access.

The MHL385 D from Fuchs is a powerful material handler that has been tailored to the specific requirements of port logistics.


MHL385 D
Great view for efficient port logistics.

Fast, powerful and sturdy: the MHL385 D is the ideal material handler for the diverse requirements of port logistics.


MHL885 D
The electric giant: mobile, economical – simply great in every way.

The MHL885 D is a giant amongst electric material handlers and thanks to its excellent stability, is ideal for port logistics.


Job Reports: Customized solutions

Solid, powerful and economical.

Timber handling involves moving huge loads – quickly and safely. Exceptional stability is the key to achieving this.


Boom Quick Connect.

The MHL355 E BQC is equipped with a fully automated tool recognition system which recognizes the different attachments and adjusts all appropriate parameters – such as e.g. pressure and oil fl ow – automatically.


Electric Trio
The electric trio: zero emissions, efficient and dynamic.

Electromobility is the technology of the future. Electrically driven machinery is rapidly gaining in popularity and importance across many markets – including the Turkish market, where alternative drive options are coming to the fore.


Power Pack
Declaration of independence for electric material handlers.

Thanks to the newly developed Power Pack from Terex Fuchs, users of electric material handlers can now enjoy even greater flexibility.


Job Reports: Scrap handling

AHL860 D
Efficient electric motor saves both time and money.

Recycling firm ECO C.A.R.S., based right in the heart of Athens, has opted for a Fuchs® material handler which has been specially tailor-made to the company’s specific requirements.


MHL365 E
Continuously efficient.

TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG of Heilbronn has again decided in favour of a Fuchs® material handler.


The mobile duo offers flexibility and versatility.

The mobility and stability of the AHL320 – combined with a lorry – make it ideally suited to handling scrap.


Job Reports: Timber handling

MHL354 Pick&Carry
Up and away! Mobile under full load with modular construction.

MHL354 Pick&Carry: the clever concept from Fuchs for exploiting new markets and expanding the application spectrum. The Pick&Carry system combines the best of mobility and versatility.


MHL334 D Pick&Carry
Customisation and versatility in a modular system.

The developers at Fuchs have devised a mobile material handler that can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. Customisation and versatility are thus guaranteed.


MHL334 D
Mobile and in control even with a full load.

The developers at Fuchs have devised a mobile material handler that has been ideally tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.


The all-rounder for timber handling – lifts and pulls with power and speed.

The MHL350 E HD succeeds the established MHL460 model. The new version is even more versatile and has been optimised for trailer towing. In addition to accomplishing ordinary loading tasks, the MHL350 E HD also performs excellently as a tractor.


Costumer testimonials

Customers report their Fuchs in action.

"The handling capacity of the RHL880 XL-trac exceeds all expectations. Where efficiency is concerned, it’s setting new standards at ports – not only in terms of time but also of energy consumption.“




Ömer Aydin, Aydin Vinc
This machine operates at Kroman Port, Istanbul