Technical data

Essentials at a glance.

Power 308 hp (230 kW)
Emission standard EPA Tier 4 final /EU stage IV
Operating weight without attachments 109,789–114,639 lbs
Reach 54'1"–60"

Recommended Attachments

Fuchs® multi-tine
grapple 0.78 yd3 / 1.05 yd3

Open or half-closed
Fuchs® magnetic
plate MP 1350

dia = 53' with 40.2 hp (30 kW) magnet system
Clamshell grab 1.4 yd3 Density of materials handled up to 99.9 lbs/ft3
Clamshell grab 2.00 yd3 Density of materials handled up to 49.9 lbs/ft3
Lift hook 44,100 lbs


Material handling made easy – with state-of-the-art technology.

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Equipment and options

Bespoke technology, tailored for you.

Joystick Steering
  • Improved visibility
  • More legroom and comfort
7" Multi-Function Touch Display
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Full monitoring of the machine data
Float Switch
  • Lifts the boom automatically if too much pressure is applied
  • Protects sensitive surfaces like the floor of barges
Rear and Side View Cameras
  • Nightvision as an extra safety feature
  • 360° surround view system on demand
Attachment Filter
  • High pressure filter with monitoring
  • Effective protection against hydraulic oil contamination
Tracked Undercarriage
  • Even more stability
  • Less ground pressure
  • Flat shoes or triple grousers


Application areas MHL370

The right machine for those tougher jobs.

Everything on the 370 appears to be somewhat oversized – the solid undercarriage, the gigantic solid-rubber tyres and the hydraulic cylinders.  All of this has a purpose: maximum performance even under the most restricted of spatial conditions. But uneven terrain isn't the only place where the MHL370 cuts an impressive figure. Sizeable loads and outstanding stability make the 370 the first choice for large, unconsolidated scrapyards that operate stationary shredders and have direct access to inland waterways.


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