Customization with a (Modular) system

Turn standard production machines into individual solution hubs.

Our successful product range is aligned with the disparate demands of user groups in individual industries. Alignment with their preferences, already incorporated in the serial models, can be further refined. Whether this extend to special attachments, a larger undercarriage, a crawler chassis instead of tires, optimised visibility and kinematics effected by pylons specially adapted for use within the specific application, a stationary structure, emission-free electric drive or a customized paint job in your corporate colors, we offer you endless possibilities for the optimised individualization of your machine: it’s up to you whether you select an individual option or a combination package.

Cab systems

Vertically adjustable

Vertically and horizontally adjustable

Work equipment

Work equipment straight

Work equipment with multipurpose stick

Work equipment with banana boom


Multi-tine grapple

Sorting grapple

Clamshell grab

Timber grapple

Scrap shears

Magnet plate

Load hook


Diesel engine

Electric motor


Cable reel

Cable drum

Power Pack

Undercarriage: mobile

Mobile: Standardundercarriage

Pylon: up to max. 0,8 m

Mobile special: For extended undercarriage

Pylon: up to max. 1,4 m 

Pedestal undercarriage

4-point stabilizers

Pylon: up to max. 3,7 m 

Undercarriage: crawler

Crawler: Standardundercarriage

Pylon: up to max. 0,8 m

Crawler: XL-undercarriage

Pylon: up to max. 3,7 m 

Costumer testimonials

Customers report their Fuchs in action.

"The handling capacity of the RHL880 XL-trac exceeds all expectations. Where efficiency is concerned, it’s setting new standards at ports – not only in terms of time but also of energy consumption.“




Ömer Aydin, Aydin Vinc
This machine operates at Kroman Port, Istanbul