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We depend on customer feedback to help us improve our products and services. Here, some of our customers describe how we have helped them along the road to success. These genuine cases reflect what actual customers think of Fuchs performance. See for yourself.

"The handling capacity of the RHL880 XL-trac exceeds all expectations. Where efficiency is concerned, it’s setting new standards at ports – not only in terms of time but also of energy consumption.“




Ömer Aydin, Aydin Vinc
This machine operates at Kroman Port, Istanbul

"Since we frequently have to change the location where it is deployed, we are utterly delighted at the speed with which the AHL320 can be moved. With the changeover frame, the machine can rapidly be attached to the lorry – we no longer need to use a trailer or low-loader.“

Przemyslaw Oles, Managing Director,

"We chose the MHL385 because Fuchs provides top quality at an excellent price/performance ratio. We were also very interested in the specially designed port cab, as this means our drivers can now climb safely into the cab on the ground.“




Üllar Raad, Board Member,
Esteve Terminal AS

"Our decision in favor of the MHL250 was the right one. Especially for our field of application  - limited space and our high requirement of flexibility – the MHL250 has been the perfect choice.“

Managing director Oskar Preinig,
Gojer, Kärntner Entsorgungsdienst GmbH,

"We are totally sold on the performance of our MHL334. When handling timber, enormous loads need to be moved quickly and safely. The sophisticated construction of the MHL334 D – including joystick control, specially designed HD axles and extremely robust tires – meets these requirements perfectly.“




Ludwig Züfle Holzwerk GmbH,
Baiersbronn / Schwarzwald,

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