Fuchs® Telematics

Get a handle on fleet management

Recognize and Optimize Potential.

The Fuchs® Telematics ­system: know exactly
how and where everything is running.

The system offers a modern solution to help you analyze and optimize the efficiency of your machines. It records and communicates valuable information on the operating status of each individual machine. Where are the machines? How are they working? Is a service check pending? Take advantage of this advanced software and get a handle on your fleet management with the tool that connects for you.

Record, display and analyse data

Increased efficiency through precise information.

Available online anywhere and at any time*

­comprehensive information on the GPS location, start and stop times, fuel consumption, operating hours, ­maintenance status, and much more.
* Internet connection required

User-friendly interface

displays information clearly for at a glance metrics and diagnostics. Take action before damage occurs: predetermined maintenance intervals are signaled and error messages are displayed in plain text messages.


The Fuchs® Telematics system is optionally available or can be retrofitted into existing machines to help control your operating costs and keep your machines in top shape.

Available anywhere and at any time*

Online via a PC, tablet or smartphone

  • Forgotten password ­function
  • A new password is sent to a predetermined email address
  • More security: password can be changed at any time

* Internet connection required

Machine overview

The entire machinery at a glance

  • Each individual machine at a glance
  • The status of each ­machine at a glance (on / off / idle, error ­message etc.)
  • Faults are immediately located and relayed


Machine data

Status display for each individual machine

  • Detailed display of the current operating data of the machines
  • You can take action immediately for adverse operating statuses
  • Support for service ­engineers


Dashboard display

The same precise overview as in the cockpit

  • Color display of the ­engine speed, coolant temperature and ­hydraulic oil temperature as a circular instrument
  • Immediate notification of critical statuses

Utilization report

Recognize and use the optimizing potential

  • Display of load, idle, and total service life (daily, weekly, or ­monthly)
  • Utilization can be stored as a .xls file
  • Basis for optimization measures and precise application planning


GPS: Machine Tracking

Routes and locations can be called up minute-by-minute

  • Exact transfer of GPS data ensures precise location information and precise application planning
  • Geofencing: limiting the range of movement
  • Tracking: machine ­movements can be ­monitored and optimized


Service reminders

Smooth cycles thanks to machines in good order

  • Overview: past and future service deadlines
  • Automatic and timely ­reminders for future ­service deadlines
  • Fewer breakdowns due to early planning and regular maintenance


Fuel consumption report

Less is more

  • Under load, idle, and total service life of the machines (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Can be saved as a .xls file
  • Support for economic efficiency analyses and for determining saving potential